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A Little Bit About Drill Bits

drill bitsAn electric or cordless drill can be an indispensible tool in the right hands and used the right way. In the same context, it can be a costly experience if used the wrong way.

How many times you see people at the job site, grunting and wrestling with the power drill, ramming it into a brick wall in an effort to get a clean hole made, despite seeing that the hole never gets past 2 millimetres.

Is this a problem with the drill? Is it not providing enough power? Are the batteries exhausted? No.

The answer is that the wrong drill bits are being used which is stressing the drills, causing the wrong results to be made. This is where workers should ask themselves a very important question; which drill bits can cut the larger hole, using the least amount of battery or electric power. More importantly, which drill should I use that will put the least amount of strain on my electric drill?

The best approach is to use the correct drill bit depending on the nature of the job. cordless drillThere are many to choose from, such as an auger bit, spade bit or masonry bit.

Be sure to also check with the manufacturer if there is any confusion regarding which bit you should or shouldn’t be using. Keep an eye on the speed setting and toque setting of the drill when using and inspect your drill regularly. All this will go together to ensure the power drill stays in optimal shape.

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