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Power Tools Assisted in Getting Girl Out of Washing Machine

girl stuck in washing machineWe often tell our kids not to play with fire, powertools and with sharp objects.

The reason behind forbidding them from such things is to protect them from any unfortunate accident that could occur. Being a parent is a tough job; you need to cook, clean, educate and above all keep an eye on the child to protect them from any harm.

However, no matter how vigilant you try to be and how many warnings you give to your child, they end up doing something against what you had said. This is exactly what happened in a recent incident that took place in the Eastern Shandong province of China, where a girl got trapped in the washing machine.

girl in washing machineThe girl aged 3, was left unsupervised to play in the laundry room where she somehow managed to get on top of the washing machine to play and then got stuck inside it. The tot tried to struggle to get out of the washing machine and upon realising she was stuck, started panicking and crying. This caught her mother’s attention and before she could do anything the girl was completely trapped from the waist down.

rescuedFire fighters were called to rescue the girl from her torturing condition; they also tried to pull the girl out but upon realising that the girl was completely stuck they had no other option but to cut the machine apart. They used power tools to cut the washing machine into half, while the other members kept the girl busy by offering her a packet of sweets.

The efficient saw cut the machine in two big chunks within minutes and the girl was eventually freed. It was a relaxing moment for her mother and for the fire fighters as well. You can call it a lesson for all who prohibit their kids from every obvious danger but become care free from the dangers that silently attract their kids.

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