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Don’t Invest in Power Tools Sold on Your Doorstep

The number of people that are conned in the UK increases every year and police are UK policetrying their best to minimise that number.

Until that happens, people all over the UK are given instructions to keep an eye on their normal trade and not to purchase anything that they cannot claim against. One of the hottest trends these days is to sell power tools to innocent homeowners on their doorstep.

Police are urging all the homeowners to avoid buying such tools from anyone who line trimmerclaims to be selling a genuine power tool. No matter what reason or with what conviction they try to pressurise you into buying their tools; you should know better. May be someone would try to sell you powerful Garden tools or a handy saw claiming it has been used once but they can never provide you the warranty.

Trading standards and the police are both trying to save people from these conmen. Several reports were received by the police about people trying to sell power tools on the street. The tactic is to try and target people in rural areas who would most easily give in to their tricks. Not everyone who tries to sell you tools is a conman but the chances of they are not conning you is very slim.

Trading standards have raised concern over the quality of those tradingstandards logotools though no mishaps have been reported by anyone but the reliability of tools can still not be trusted. Recently in the UK, power tools are being stolen from shops and construction sites, which is very alarming for the police and they want power tool owners to protect their tools.

Officials want people to buy power tools only from reliable sites and manufacturers. It is important to stay vigilant when people knock on your door trying to sell you something, especially power tools.

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