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Get Your Tools Out – April is National Decorating Month

NDMApril is known as National Decorating Month and being in England means making most of this month. This is the perfect reason to pull out the dusty power tools from the basement or shed to complete the repair work.

Whether you use your Milwaukee tools to assist you in your repair and decoration work or you utilise your Ryobi efficient power tools, it is a perfect time to polish your skills that may have been rusted over the months.

If the weather is in your favour then the best thing would be to begin with the exterior of the house. Use your drill to replace old rusty nails and screws with new ones. Places like the door frame, porch and even fences need to be looked after and a little attention to their maintenance would only save you from a lot of trouble in the future. Apply a coat of paint over the fences to give them a fresh look, even if you do not paint the complete house, a coat of paint on fences would brighten up the appearance.

Head back indoors and begin from kitchen and then make your way into rooms. Keepdecorating the bathrooms for the last as and if you need to carry out a major repair or decoration such as changing wall colour or tiles, then do it one by one; occupying all the bathrooms together would only cause discomfort for the entire family. Be careful during maintenance and decoration; especially when using power tools to avoid electrocution.

Decoration does not mean stripping all the wallpapers and doing the renovation of the house but what it means is to make changes to your current house by adding small items to it. In the living room an addition of a large but beautiful rug would spice up the atmosphere as well as adding lamps on the side tables would make a big change to the entire ambience of the living room.

During the entire decoration and repair session, make sure that you have the right power tools for the job and do not try to cut corners with one tool doing several jobs. Be wise and the month of April will end with a beautifully decorated home.

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