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Prep Your Garden for Impending Summers during National Garden Month

national gardening monthApril will soon be making its way on the calendar and so will be the National Garden Month. April is that time of the year when you can expect mild weather and frequent sunshine; you can call it a month that informs everyone summers is on its way.

Well, this month is pretty much ideal for gardeners as well. Planting vegetables and flowers is perfect and in a few months’ time you could taste your own home grown vegetables together with having a lovely and colorful garden bed.

sowing seedsHowever, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the weather forecast. Prepping your garden for upcoming summers would entail planting and sowing at regular intervals of time, so that your efforts pay off with fruitful rewards.

You should sow seeds and make sure that you water them and facilitate them with good compost. Vegetables like leeks and parsnips can be planted straight into the ground in the month of April and when summers hit, you can plant potatoes. By the end of April you can even sow carrots and cauliflower to get the proper grown vegetables in few months time.

This National Garden Month is a good excuse to socialize with your fellow gardeners or to enquire few gardening tips from your neighbors. Throughout the year we are busy in buying fruits and vegetables from the market, April is the right time of the year to grow your own produce.  It is also a good opportunity to pull out your garden tools and trim over grown shrubs and branches.

National Garden Month could be a perfect occasion to bond with your family throughfamily gardening gardening and also to take pleasure in one of the most adopted hobbies in the world. You should sort out your greenhouse and make it all ready for the summers so that you know where everything is and if you would need to replace or purchase a new garden tool. Join this celebration and make your home a little greener than last year.

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