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Top Tips for Your Power Grinder


A power tool grinder is a great tool for grinding, shaping, polishing, cutting, finishing and sharpening various materials. They are not expensive power tools to own but they are very easy to use and a great power tool to add to any DIYers tool box.

  • It is important that you understand what a power tool does. For example bench grinders can polish cutters as well as removing any rust or sharpening up the cutter. You will find that the more you spend on a power grinder the more powerful it will be and the more accessories you will have included with the power tool.
  • It is important to figure out how the grinder works, you will find that bench grinders and bench grinders sometimes have induction motors; this ensures a great diversity of uses for the power tool.
  • Please note that grinders are not for the more delicate jobs, they are for simple and rough work that needs tidying up afterwards.
  • Fine wheels on bench grinders are used for smoothing and polishing work whereas coarse wheels are better for the shaping or quick removal of stock. White wheels are also available and these are designed for shedding grit, white wheels tend to keep the edge nicely.
  • When using a power grinder it is important to stand in front of the power tool, holding the piece of material you are working on against the rest of the power tool, this means it can be moved gently along the grinding wheel.
  • Don’t forget – if you are grinding metal then you need to ensure you keep the heat of the power tool down. This can be done by wetting the metal you are working on every few minutes.
  • It is very important that your safety comes first – you need to ensure that you either wear safety goggles or a face shield to protect your face and / or your eyes. It is also wise to wear thick leather gloves and a leather apron to protect your clothes – sparks will fly off when you are working and they can set fire to some materials very easily.
  • Before starting a large job with your grinder have a little play with it to get a feel for the way the power tool works and get experience of working with it.
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