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Stay Safe This Easter While Doing Home Repair and Maintenance

Festive seasons are a reason for many people to tidy their homes or to make some changes to the way their house appears.

Time away from work is not only about family gatherings and meals but it is also about using it as an excuse to get old repair and maintenance jobs done. With Easter just around the corner there is no better time to catch up with those jobs than now.

We are not suggesting that you don’t use your powertools during this time; we are avoid-power-tool-accidents-1simply suggesting you take care whilst doing so.

The chances of electrocution or any other accidents can be minimalized if the tools are inspected before using them. Devise a plan to tackle the home repair job as per the urgency of the task and keep the unimportant tasks for last. Do not try to complete everything in one go; safety is more important than time.

Do not allow any unlicensed person to do any quick fixes for your electrical needs as it hire a professionalis not only illegal but highly dangerous; hire only professionals. No matter which task you are engaged in, a certain level of care and safety is required in every field. Do not try to repair any defected tool yourself either; always send it to the manufacturer if it’s in warranty or hand it to a power tool dealer for service.

Remember, every year over 20,000 people go to A&E while doing home repairs or garden chores. Make your Easter a relaxing occasion and not spent outside the hospital.

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