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Power Tool Safety Measures


Almost every power tool user understands the importance of the safety measures but only a few follow them. So this year, change the way you use your power tools to ensure you are fully safe when using your tools. Here are the precautions you should take:

Before You Begin Work

  1. Give your tool a visual inspection. This is to ensure that there is no wear and tear to your tool before you start working with the tool.
  2. Tighten up all the nuts, bolts and screws. You need to do this so that no power tool part gets lose and hurts you.
  3. Cords should be securely intact and not hold any cuts or breakages. This would prevent you from getting electric shocks.
  4. Dry or clean up the power tool if it is wet or moist. This is yet another precaution that would save you from a possible shock or slip.


Safety While You Are Handling the Tool

  1. Keep your hands, fingers and other body parts away from the reach of sharp blades or power tool edges.
  2. If you face any confusion or difficulty using the tool, put down the tool and read the instructions manual. Repeat this whenever required.
  3. Swap the tool if it is not doing the job correctly. This is to save the efforts as well as the power tool’s life. Using the wrong tool for the job could end up causing damage.
  4. Do not remove any power tool safety gear.

After Use

  1. Safely unplug the tool, the extension wire, etc. without pulling on the cables.
  2. Clean the power tool thoroughly so that when it is not in use it doesn’t clog up.
  3. Put it back in the tool box where it can be stayed safe until the next time you need it.
  4. Keep the tools away from your children. Put them in a garage or a safe place away from their reach.

Bonus Tips

saftey measures

  1. Don’t carry garden tools by its cords. They can be destroyed this way.
  2. Have routine maintenance done in order to keep your tools working at peak performance, and to ensure safety.

The safety of yours and your family’s should be your first priority. Follow the instructions given above and ensure you work safely all the time, every time.

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