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Five Tips to Safely Use Pneumatic Tools – Be Smart and Stay Safe

There is no denying that pneumatic tools are very useful and require skilled handling. Whether you mention nail guns or any other pneumatic tool you can be sure that their efficient working capability could speed up the work and save you hours and from sore hands as well. Air tools have the intense power and they can be equally dangerous if the user doesn’t know how to use them safely. Here are a few safety features that go with almost all kinds of tools and ensure a safe and efficient use.


    • Make the Most of Rich Tips in Tool Manual – To begin with you should get familiar with the working of the tool and get comfortable with holding it. The rich tips and facts are usually stated in the manual of the tools and some functions plus nail loading system differ from tool to tool; therefore, understanding the tool is important. Try to get your head around the trigger depression of the tool and how sensitive it is; additionally figure out how much it releases per depression. If the tool has two modes to operate in, get to know which mode you are using it in.
    • Examine the Air Tool and the Air Hose – Prior to using the pneumatic tool take a definite look that the fasteners are loaded and the safety is working properly. The air hose should be checked for punctures and leaks. A damaged air hose could affect the performance and also damage the nail gun or other Power Tools.
    • Familiarize Yourself with When and How to Disengage Air Tool – You need to take the break from work, but don’t forget to disengage the air tool before you go. Learn how to disengage an air tool before loading, adjusting and before cleaning. Begin disengaging by turning on the gun’s safety or turning off the tool, then disengage the compressor and disconnect the air hose.
    • Stop Fiddling with the Trigger – Often people encounter accidents while playing with the trigger or nose piece. Do not touch the trigger of the air tool if you do not wish to discharge it. The nail gun usually fires at the slightest touch, so make sure it is placed cautiously where jostling is not expected.
    • Use The Correct Fastener Size – Bearing in mind the model and the type of air tool, use appropriate size fastener. Using wrong fasteners can cause jams and also misfires that can be very dangerous. This can also damage the tool and the project you are working on. With slight care you can also prolong the life of your air tools.
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