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Out With the Old – In With the New

When you buy a new power tool it seems silly to keep the old one, so here are some top tips for selling your old power tools;


  • Advertise to as many people as possible, tell the world about the used power tool you have for sale
  • Ensure that the tools work and that’s it’s switched off. If the power tool is unsafe for use then consider contacting a scrap metal company to sell the tool too.
  • When selling the tool make sure you put the brand in the ‘header’, state that is it a Ryobi Power Tool, a Makita Power Tool or a Ryobi Power Tool.
  • Have a look around; see how much the power tool you are selling is being sold for, this way you can make sure if you do not go to high or low.
  • Remove additional shipping costs of your power tool by advertising cheaply in the local paper or in newsagents and requesting collection only.
  • Include as many details about the power tool as possible. List what it can do, how reliable it is and attach photos of it too.
  • Alternatively if you have a lot of tools to sell then why not go to a car-boot sale or have a garage sale. Lay the tools out nicely and ensure they are clean. If you still have the original packaging then include that in the sale of the tool.

Most importantly, enjoy your new power tool and don’t become a hoarder of tools you no longer need or use.

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