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Girl Power

If you ever thought that power tools were strictly for men then you are very stereotypical and wrong.

HomeImprovementPowerToolsSanderPower tools come with connotations of being a manly idea and in truth you do see a majority of drills in the hands of men, but that’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of female’s that use power tools.

The times of relying on men are such a thing of the 18th Century, so it’s about time women buy power tools in force. There are a number of must-have’s that can be used for jobs around the home and it means that you don’t have to wait for your partner to stop watching the football because you can do it perfectly good enough yourself.

So, let’s begin with that shelf that your other half has been continuously putting off week-in week-out because the sofa is too comfy. The drilllcd_18022b_ryobi_drill_driver_500 is one of the first and most common power tool that women purchase first so this is a great place to start. Drills come in large quantity and variety but it’s easy to pick one that’s affordable and does exactly what you need it to do. There are drills which are compact and lightweight which means you don’t have to strain your arms if you plan on drilling a lot of shelves. To make sure you know the weight of the drill when shopping for one, make sure that the battery is also attached.

Circular SawA circular saw is also a useful tool to have around the home. It means that you can easily complete odd jobs around the house and most models come with a laser which means you create perfect lines and always cut in the correct places. Using this tool can also mean that you could cut the bookshelves for the drill to put on the wall.

Be independent, buy a drill!

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