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The End Is Nigh for the Power Tool Wielding Handy Man


It seems that the Job Centre staff members at Wandsworth Job Centre are trying to end the world for Handy Men with complaints about a poster advertising a ‘Handyman Apprentice Boot Camp’.

A London maintenance company that were trying to do their bit to help with the extremely high levels of unemployment for youths sent round a flyer advertising their ‘Handyman Apprentice Boot Camp’ in London. A reply came back from the Job Centre asking for an amended version of the poster that had to say Handy Person, not Handy Man as power tool wielding females may be offended. The Job Centre felt that the term ‘Handy Person’ was a more ‘inclusive’ term.

The reply from the Job Centre said ‘I have a question about the posters. Is there any chance that you can send me one saying Handy Person rather than Handy Man? That will mean everyone can apply!’

FEMALE HANDYMANThe Managing Director of the maintenance company in London, Will Davies stressed his concerns saying that at this time of such high rates of unemployment in youths it is hardly the right time for ridiculous political correctness adding that of course the company welcomes female and male workers, but the name handy man will always stand. Will Davies went on to add that he currently had many female handy men working for the company and all of whom were perfectly good at the job and more than happy with their job title.

What do you think – Is this Political Correctness gone mad or is the end nigh for the term ‘Handy Man’?

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