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Sign On The Dotted … Table

Robert Pattinson has been captured using a power tool to sketch his name into a table in New York.SHOWBIZ Insider 1

The Twilight star was seen having a social drink with friends and then using a power tool to create a signature-like marking on a table where he and his friends were sat. The actor was enjoying an evening with friends in the big apple when the unimaginable act happened.

It sounds very unlike the star but his friends managed to capture happenings which later managed to be online for fans to see. Robert Pattison used a large power tool with his right hand to etch, what was said to be his name, into the table which is not the normal thing an actor does nowadays, is it? The star seems to be having fun in the images so maybe this is a normal thing for him to do.

Obviously, we don’t suggest that every Tom, Dick and Harry goes round with a power tool engraving their name into tables on a night out. We’re still unsure as to why the star had a power tool but that shall remain a mystery until he himself confess’ as to why.

ryobi_logoOf course, if you want to use a power tool then we would suggest using them for their intended purpose and not for a random table that you could get punished for. If you did want a compact and lightweight drill though that you can take from job to job without worrying about lumbering a huge drill around then the Ryobi CSD4170BG 4.0V Screwdriver ticks all the boxes. This nifty little tool only costs £45 too which means it’s a whole lot of tool for very little money.

But this is strictly between us because we can’t have Mr Pattinson finding out or his table antics might continue.

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