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Race Your Power Tools


Most people use power tools and gardening tools to do DIY but not for these clever power tool enthusiasts.

There are people that create their own power tool drag racers that take part in competitions on a yearly basis. Instead of using the tools for the normal jobs like putting up a shelf they have finely tuned them into machines which race on a customised drag racing track against each other to be crowned king of power tool drag racer.

The designs can range from anything like a drill all the way through to a lawn mower but obviously it takes a special kind of enthusiast to create a racer that can compete. The general; idea of this new form of racer is to take a tool, predominantly hand held and modify it a bit and let it race against racers that are of a similar class.

They then race down a track which is made from plywood, which I presume they made with the tools before they modified them? This event takes a similar approach to its racers as Robot Wars does with its robots. It combines unique designs as well as attempting to produce a design which can conquer all.

Many competitors tend to use old tools which they no longer use any more rather than buying a brand new tool and totally destroying it before it gets used for what it is actually meant for. But I guess that’s totally your call.

Of course, if you’d rather use the tools for their intended use that can be fun too although arguably not as fun, but probably more productive. Unfortunately you won’t be able to put up a shelf with a power tool drag racer but you will be able to with a brand new drill. I’d probably suggest not even trying to do the former!

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