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A Do-It-Yourself enthusiast that had been banned for using power tools during the night can drill again.

DIY junkie, Paul Jones had been stopped from using his tools during the late hours of the night after having an array of complaints from neighbours. Thirty-one year old, Paul, of Llanrumney, Cardiff, has served a six year Anti-Social Behaviour Order following a number of complaints for his around-the-clock hammering and drilling.

Mr Jones was given the Anti-Social Behaviour Order in March 2006 and has served his sentence, meaning he can continue his DIY once again.  The Order was originally issued at Cardiff Magistrates Court and prevented Jones from using power tools in the vicinity of Taunton Avenue and Taunton Crescent unless it was between 11am and 1pm.

The thirty-one year old was also forbidden from shining a bright light from his shed between 9pm and 8am for the six years of the Order. His unsociable hours of drilling caused many neighbours to be sleep deprived and eroded their quality of life according to an officer at the court case in 2006.

If only Paul had been drilling or hammering in 2012. There are bundles of power tools that are virtually silent. Paul could have used the Makita BFS451RFE 18V LXT Drywall Screwdriver and not had this problem. The little gem has a silent clutch which means the neighbours would have never known he was drilling at 3 in the morning. Not only is the screwdriver silent but it also has a nifty light on it which can aid with those difficult dark jobs. He could have also used this light in the shed.

I recommend he buys one to prevent getting another six year Anti-Social Behaviour Order.

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