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This Man’s Got Bottle

One man has managed to attract over one million views of his video by using a chainsaw to remove a bottle cap.ff-bottle-cap

The impressive man used his chainsaw to perfect a stunt that has a million people in awe of his skill. Not only did the man get the bottle cap off without using a ‘bottle-opener’, but he also managed to do it without completely smashing the bottle. I’m sure now you understand why he has amassed one million views.

Of course, this should not be tried at home but if you need a chainsaw to chop a hedge or a tree or anything ‘normal’, then there are plenty of choice. Unfortunately these chainsaws are not tailored to open a beer bottle but they have many other uses.

ryobi got bottleThere is a selection of electric-powered chainsaws as well as petrol ones. The Ryobi RCS4040CA 40CC Petrol chainsaw does exactly what it says on the tin and also has plenty of specifications that make it a good choice for use at home or at work.  The chainsaw is fitted with a clear fuel tank so you can see when you’re running low on power. It also boasts a silencer so you don’t have to annoy your neighbours. To top this product off, it also has a large handle which helps to improve your grip. Perfect!

makita got bottleIf it’s an electric chainsaw you’re looking for then look no further than the Makita UC4030A 35cm Electric chainsaw. This chainsaw has a simplistic design yet oozes practicality. By being lightweight and compact this model can be used anywhere at any time.  The chain of the chainsaw has automatic oiling built-in and also comes with a cover to protect the chain and you.

These are just two from a number of different models but there’s one for you out there, as long as you don’t use it to get a cap off a bottle.

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