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Richard Hammond is Banned from Power Tools

richardhammondRichard Hammond has been banned by his wife form using power tools around the house.

The Top Gear star is no longer allowed to use power tools around his home as he is said to be ‘too accident-prone’. Hammond, nicknamed the ‘Hamster’, is under strict guidance to not touch anymore power tools in the house by his other-half.

Mindy, 38 said, “I don’t allow him to use them anymore because every time he picked up a drill he’d go through electric wires. He drilled into a cable and went flying across the room and I thought: ‘That’s it! I don’t even let him chop wood any more. When it comes to the home, I’m in charge.”

makita drillThe TV host fell at the hands of another accident a few years ago when he reached speeds of up to 300 mph in a dragster-style car. The 39 year-old doesn’t have the best of luck and seems to attract a lot of ‘accidents’.  Fortunately, the star managed to make a full recovery and still live to tell the tale. That didn’t stop him from picking up a power tool and causing more damage though.

You too, should be careful when using power tools. If Mr Hammond doesn’t make you understand that they can be powerful or dangerous maybe this humorous video might:

The video has a comical take on how powerful the power tools on offer in today’s market actually are. Take a look at the video and see the power of a power toolsdrill changing a racing car’s tyre, obviously it’s not real but it’s still funny none the less. No wonder Richard Hammond is advised not to use them anymore.

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