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Not the Sharpest Tool in the Box

On the 6th September a man from Ullverston was ordered to pay £300 after selling power tools that he hired from Dalton Tool Hire in Barrow.

Darren Walmsley had hired a power washer, a power saw and a power toold transformer from the tool hire company and then gone on to sell them to a second-hand shop near by.

When Darren Walmsley was arrested he admitted to being guilty of selling on the tools he had hired saying he was an odd-job man and has recently been struggling for work.

Mr Walmsley represented himself in court saying he had not been in trouble with the police for over six years and now felt stupid for breaking the law again after so long.

He said: “My dog died, I had things on my mind and, I don’t know, it was just a stupid thing, I shouldn’t have done it. I have kept clean for six years and I have been going great. I wish I had never done it.”

Darren Walmsley pleaded guilty to theft and fraud by false representation.

Although the power tools, which had an estimated total value of over £900, were returned to the owner, the second hand shop has still been left £125 out of pocket.

Mr Les Johnson, Chairman of the Magistrates fined Mr Walmsley £50 for fraud, £50 for theft, £25 for failing to answer tobail, £35 legal costs, £15 victim surcharge and £125 compensation to the second hand shop who was previously left out of pocket.

We often see deals and offers that look too good to be true, this can be in a shop window and at the bottom of the poster in the tiniest print it stated to see terms and conditions and this cost is available when paid monthly for the next 75years and that the price does not include interest or VAT.

Sometimes it is at the market or a door to door sales man or even on internet when you are offered a deal that is too good to be turned down, *News Flash* it is probably possible to turn this deal down as chances are, you are buying stolen goods.

CBS Power Tools are a reliable company to buy from, they have a large warehouse and shop in Peterborough but they also sell on line, they are on of the biggest independent power tool and garden tool dealer in Peterborough and surrounding areas.

CBS Power Tools offer a wide range of equipment from the major manufacturers, including Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, Ryobi, Dewalt, Milwaukee and Trend.

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