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Door to Door Sales of Dangerous Power Tools in Bristol

Door to door sales of potentially dangerous power tools are taking place in Bristol. Bristol City Council Trading Standards Service and warning householders to be on their guard if and when they are approached at the doors of their homes by unannounced traders trying to sell anything, especially power tools.

Sarah Saunders, Principal Officer at Bristol Trading Standards said; “Residents should be aware that these items may not be genuine and could be of inferior quality. The origin of items sold door to door is often unknown and therefore the safety compliance may not be what it should be,”

“Our advice is to not buy goods or services from anyone you don’t know that calls uninvited at your door. Do not be persuaded into making snap purchasing decisions on your doorstep. It’s just never worth the risk.” Says Cllr Guy Poultney, Cabinet Member for the Communities.

You need to be aware that traders who sell good or services of more than £35 while visiting your home of business must give a cancellation notice, giving an explanation of the seven day cooling off period. A criminal offence may have been committed if the trader is unable to supply a cancellation notice of this type.

It is very important to be cautious when opening the door to anyone at home, when they are an unexpected visitor, but more so important if you are giving money to this person, you don’t know where their office is, you don’t know if the details they have given you are correct and more importantly, you don’t know where to go if or when the product no longer works.

CBS Power Tools are one of the best known power tool suppliers in the Peterborough area. They have a large warehouse and have been going since 1967. They are not a company that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Not only do most of their tools have guarantees but they also offer a comprehensive after sales service which includes the work shop on site where they can fix Ryobi, Makita and Milwaukee Tools in house, so if something does go wrong they can help you.

CBS Power Tools stock numerous power tools to suit whatever needs you have, they also have an extensive range of quality accessories including Trend router cutters, diamond blades and cores, abrasive discs, belts and rolls, drill bits, generators, transformers and site lights.

For a reliable power tool service contact CBS Power Tools.

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