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Power Tool Inventors – The Drill

One of the biggest selling power tools at CBS Power Tools is the drill. Customers are amazed at the variety of drills from CBS Power Tools and how differing applications are catered for. We can thank CBS Power Tools for supplying such excellent quality drills at superb value prices but who can we thank for the invention of the drill in the first place?

Experts say that the earliest drills may have been invented by the Harappans and Egyptians, these were bow drills and they used them for woodwork as well as dentistry.

(Please Note: CBS Power Tools recommends that you do not use their power tool drills for dentistry work!)

The drills that date back to the Harappans and the Egyptians were curved ensuring that as they were turned one end would have minimum friction and the other end would have maximum friction. This invention proved that with enough speed and pressure, the dust would ignite and drilling would begin to happen.

However, a lot of us would not be willing to drill hundreds of holes with the lack of electricity to speed up the job, so thanks have to go to Arthur James Arnot who invented the first electric drill in 1889.

Six years later, in1895 the first portable electric drill was invented by William Fein and since then many other inventors have gone on to produce bigger, better and stronger drills.

The top brands for drills sold by CBS Power Tools are Makita Tools, Milwaukee Tools and Ryobi Power Tools. All three companies continually find ways to improve the products they have on offer, making them perfect for the job they are designed to do.

CBS Power Tools are experts in the power tool industry, if you need a drill for a specific job then talk to the team at CBS Power Tools and see which drill they recommend for you.

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