CBS Power Tools

Sacrewell Farm Woodworking Show

CBS Power Tools recently attended the A1 Woodworking Show at Sacrewell Farm and Country Centre on the 13th and 14th October. Where they had a prize raffle attendees could enter to win a Ryobi Power Tool, the Ryobi EMS1426L Mitre Saw.

The woodworking show was a chance for the general public to meet the wood work experts, to see some of the power tools in action and to try their hand at woodworking themselves. It was a fun-filled show with restorers, designer makers, carving and woodturning exhibitions and demonstrations.

Rockingham Forest Carvers had an exhibition with over one hundred and fifty carvings and Kings Cliffe Heritage Woodware offered displays, demonstration and practical classes. The star of the show seemed to be Sacrewells Farms’ very own woodworking expert Glyn Mould who was available for question and answer sessions.

One of the most popular stalls seemed to be the stall of CBS Power Tools that had a prize raffle available for attendees where they were offering two lucky attendees (one on Saturday and one on Sunday) the chance to win the Ryobi EMS1426L Mitre Saw.

The winners were announced as Mr Bacon, the winner on Saturday and Mr Harris who was the winner on Sunday.

Glyn Mould, the resident woodworking expert from Sacrewell Farm offers woodcarving courses on Lettering, which explains the basic spacing of letters, design and carving and the creation of house signs and plaques.

Another course on offer is How and Low Relief where Gmyn Mould goes into details of cutting a piece wood to make a design stand out, this is ideal for plaques, pictures and coats of arms.

The third course on offer at Sacrewell Farm by Glyn Mould is Sculpture Work; this is making 3d items from a solid block of wood.

If you are looking at getting into woodwork as a hobby, or you would like to try it out before considering it as a future career then why not pop along to one of these courses at Sacrewell Farm.

If you get on well and find you have a real talent for wood work then why not call CBS Power Tools and they can recommend the start-up power tools you will need to begin with and help you along the way as you become more and more experienced, requiring more specific power tools for the wood work tasks you are taking on.

The photo above is winner, Mr Bacon collecting his Ryobi Power Tool from CBS Power Tools staff member Les Crick.

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